Social media : “Like real life but better” Introduction

The way social media has established itself in our lives is remarkable.
The gestation from solitary profile websites such as ‘Facepic’ and ‘Myspace’, in the early 2000’s is a new type of social media. This new type of social media is advocated by Facebook and Twitter. Changing the landscape of not just social media but  i our usage of technology and the internet in general.

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Am i addicted to my phone? 3 Days of Peace (No phone) : Day 3

As I wake up the first thing I do is open my laptop and check my emails.  So, it seems I have replaced the checking my phone and social media with Emails.

Thinking about it now the last thing I did before I went to sleep was check my emails. What was I looking for? Its almost as if it is not the content of the emails I am interested in but I am looking for some kind of connection with the outside world.

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Am i addicted to my phone? 3 Days of Peace (No phone) :Day 2

I wake up on day two and instinctively look over to the bedside table to see what’s happening in the world. I pick up the phone but notice its shape is slightly different, only to remember in that moment the task which is before me and that I was in fact holding my partners phone and not mine.

The pang of adrenaline comes back and subsides. By now I am getting rather frustrated.

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