Social Media and Happiness

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Perfecting your Craft

Christoph Waltz, one of the great actors of the moment; a favourite of Quentin Tarantino and has just been cast as the new Bond Villain.
He was recently featured in the British GQ magazine and comes across unassuming, typically old-school and passionate about his craft. What becomes apparent early on in the interview is how uncomfortable he is talking about his personal life, his children and parents. He shuns these questions in such a way that would lead you to believe that he dislikes fame. And you would be right. He says: “if you become famous because of your long career, that’s one thing. As motivation in itself, celebrity is foolhardy and stupid.” he [Waltz] complains, ‘I hate it’ but the craft of acting is what drives him.

Holiday Hedonism

As I turn over the next page of the magazine I am met with a different type of article – ‘Yacht week: Holiday hedonism for the super-rich’. Essentially the participants get a yacht, spend loads of money and carnage and debautory ensues.

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