Smartphones vs Thinking Space

thinking space

Smartphones have made the internet and connectivity ever present. We take our phones wherever we go and feel lost without them. We feel we need connectivity but, as discussed previously , it is a much deeper need than that.


Smartphones are our catalyst for instant gratification. Any time we feel bored or restless we can pick up our phone and get a little spike of dopamine by looking at a picture of a funny cat, validating our virtual image on social media, or catching a missed call or text.

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Avatars: Resurrecting passed loved ones

Avitar hologram

I was struck by an article I read in the Daily Telegraph (27/10/15) on the ambition of an animator and tech developer, Simon Keown

He was speaking at an exhibition in Prague on the ability to create a 3D avatar of a passed loved one, through rendering pictures and videos.

This loved one would be interactive and able to ‘know’ what you have been up to by connecting to your social media feeds and apps.

The quote by Benjamin Franklin comes to mind “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”.

Soon, for the living at least, that view might be outdated.

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