Lets Talk About It

talk about it - Therapy in London

In life we are expected to be great all of the time. There is no room for unexpected feelings to get in the way.  The famous phrase ‘Keep calm & carry on’ exemplifies that fact. Just keep pushing through until everything is ‘fine’. What cost is there however, to not talking through our problems?

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My response to: Real Men Do Do Therapy

men do therapy - Therapy in London

 It was interesting to see this month’s GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) leading with an article (Real Men Do Do Therapy) on psychotherapy, Therapy and counselling for men by Loise Chunn the founder of Welldoing.org
The British ‘stiff upper lip’ has seen men choosing not to come to therapy, instead of feeling obliged to deal with any issues themselves which usually involves keeping it locked in their head and using addictions,  legal and illegal drugs (to name a few) to ease their emotional pain.

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