The Key to Happiness


Happiness is subjective, we all have our own versions of happiness depending on, for example, our upbringing and our interests. We know what will make you happier yet you don’t always follow your dreams. Maybe you have responsibilities or commitments and so have to keep following the same path. Forever dreaming about a better, more fulfilled and happier life but feeling unable to begin to make that change.


Is that the real reason or would you rather feel that the life you always wanted is there if you tried?

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Paris Jackson Cyber Bullying

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There was an article in the Independent recently highlighting the effect of cyber bullying and trolling on Paris Jackson.

This is not an isolated incident, as many celebrities have had experiences of cyber bullying or being trolled.

I recently undertook a study on our behavior online and why some of us troll. Anonymity was discussed but many saw the need to illicit their trolling behaviour on others so that they can get their frustrations out into the world; including not only the artist but their online social circle.

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Is perfection achievable?

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Why does everything we do have to be perfect?


We have unrealistic expectations on what perfection is. We dream of undertaking a project or trying something new and expect to be great at it straight away. Our expectations are founded within society when people our highlighted for achieving what they set out to. This adds pressure to our goals and achievements, yet what we don’t see is the amount of times they tried and failed to reach that level of ‘perfection’.

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Why am I emotional?

Why am I emotional

Our emotions are ever present in our lives. One moment we can be happy and the next, waves of sadness, anxiety or fear can come over us.

We are taught to run from our more difficult negative emotions (as discussed in the the blog on anger and rage). We are expected to be happy and content all the time but this is not realistic.

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