How To Stop Procrastinating


How many times have you had something to do yet you leave it and leave it You know you should do it now in order to get it done to the best of your ability and yet you still procrastinate. You’ll do it tomorrow or after this episode on Netflix. You delay it again and again until you have to rush at the last minute.

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Why am I Overwhelmed?


It’s daunting looking into the distance and thinking ‘how am i going to reach my dreams’. You may have thoughts of inadequacy or fear.

You may ask yourself, can I do this? Am I ready? Am I good enough?

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Why you dont try & Tips to achieve your goals

Why don't I try

Everyone has hopes and dreams. Yet how is it that some people achieve their dreams and others don’t?

One of the main reasons is that they try. Therefore ask yourself, why not   try?

For many the thought of failing is so binding and fills you with dread and anxiety, that we are unable able to.

What I want to look at are the most common reasons that stop people from trying.

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Why am I scared?

What are you scared of

What are you scared of?

Is it a physical object or trying something new?

We might not even realise that we are scared, but we take ourselves out of situations unconsciously that could evoke the feeling of being scared.

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I’m always told what to do

told what to do

How often do you get told to not try or told that you are wrong.

I am not talking about facts, I am talking about you personally.

Let’s say, you have always dreamt your life would be a certain way. A certain job or lifestyle for example, yet you wake up every morning doing something you don’t enjoy in order to make ends meet.

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