Be Happy With YOU


Be Happy

How do you feel about yourself? I hear on a daily basis people wanting to be taller, slimmer, better looking, more intelligent or more money and confidence. There is always something seemingly wrong and the focus is never on what people can do well.

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Master Your Critical Inner Voice

Critical inner voice

Master Your Critical Inner Voice

The critical inner voice is that voice in the back of your head always doubting your ability to achieve, and stopping you from trying new things.

The function of this voice has always been to protect you from danger or getting hurt. That’s why when a speeding car comes past, you don’t cross the road until it has passed you.

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Why am I single on Valentine’s Day?


Was this another stag Valentine’s Day for you this year?

You may not even care, life goes on you and have more important things to worry about, but a small part of you might wish that you had someone to share the day with. You see others enjoying each others company and might think ‘why don’t I have this?’ and ‘why do I even care?’

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Break Your Social Anxiety


Social Anxiety

How often do you feel anxious or scared about attending a social situation?

You can go out and meet your friends, parents or people you know but when you have to go somewhere new or talk to people you don’t know you feel terrified.

Then instead of attending, you stay at home and become bored and lonely.

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How To Be Confident

Confidence - Therapy in London

How often do you look around and see others exuding confidence and you wonder why you can’t be like that. They don’t have this cloud of fear or shyness hanging over their heads, but why is that?

Why can they do it whereas you’re gripped by anxiety about being judged?

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Stop Suppressing Your Emotions


How often do you get flashes of anxious, angry or sad thoughts or feelings in your life? You could be on the bus, with friends or at work and then all of a sudden you are reminded of a situation or event in the past, it just flashes up without warning.

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