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How Habits Are Formed

The way we start to break bad habits and create new, positive habits is to get an understanding of how …
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Do you ever feel that tinge of hatred to yourself about something you say or do? Hating yourself is not …
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Be Happy Being Different

If you worry about thinking differently, it can stop you from not only being your own person but happy and …
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scared of change Therapy in london

Why Am I Scared Of Change?

Change is a part of life and all have to deal with it at some point. Yet some of us …
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First Impression - Therapy in London

Good First Impression

You have 10 seconds to make a first impression on someone which you cannot go back on. We are genetically …
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stop Procrastinating - Therapy in London

Stop Procrastinating

One of the main reasons you may not be happy might be because of procrastination.   In this week’s blog, …
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stop caring - Therapy in london

Stop Caring What Other People Think Of You

Caring about what others think of you can hold you back and stop you from truly believing in yourself. Do …
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how to be interesting - Therapy in London

How To Be More Interesting

If you are reading this blog, I imagine it is because you don’t think you are very interesting. Do you …
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jealous Therapy in London

Stop Feeling Jealous

Jealousy is a response to something that you want but don’t feel able to achieve. Underlying that feeling of jealousy …
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self-belief Therapy in London

Self-Belief – Start Believing in Yourself

Self-Belief To be rich, successful or even happy, you need self-belief. Self-belief gives the strength to want, try, get what …
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Loneliness - Therapy in London

Break Free From Loneliness

Feeling alone can be awful. You can be surrounded by people but you can still feel like no one understands …
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sorry - Therapy in London

STOP Saying Sorry

 You have been taught to say sorry when you do something wrong, yet so many say sorry even when you …
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Frustrated Therapy in London

I Feel Frustrated

How do you deal with frustration? Frustration makes you feel limited and trapped, and that feeling stops you from seeing …
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feeling sorry Therapy in London

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself?.  You feel nothing is going your way, it always happens to you, you …
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stress- Therapy in London

Stress in Life – Analogue world, Digital Time

I was recently writing a paper on how CBT has changed the theory and practice of integrative psychotherapy.  What became …
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comparing - Therapy in London


Do you find that you compare yourself to others? Wishing you were more successful, richer or fitter, and stopping you …
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Self-discipline Therapy in London

Be Self-Disciplined

Self-discipline is something that isn’t easy to hold onto. You tell yourself that you’ll do it later because you would …
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Be more selfish - Therapy in London

Be Selfish and Put Yourself First!

You have been told that you should put others needs before our own. You’re never thinking about what you want …
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use your feelings - Therapy in London

Use Your Feelings

This week I would like to discuss negative feelings and emotion. When people find out I am a therapist I …
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Start Taking Risks

How often do you take risks in life? When I say risk I don’t mean doing something dangerous but rather, …
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succeed - Therapy in London

How to Succeed in Life: Learn How To Cope with Failure

Within society and life in general failure is seen as a weakness or as a negative mark on your character …
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How To Change your life

So you wake up how do you feel? You go to work, meet up with friends but still feel rubbish …
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let go of the past - Therapy in London

How To Let Go Of The Past

How often do you think about the past? The good times but also the bad and The mistakes you made …
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Stop Living In Fear

How often do you feel scared or anxious? And it is holding you back from doing what you want. I …
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‘Why do I feel stuck?’ Steps to help you to move on with your life

How often do you feel stuck in your life? You feel you are doing the same things every day, not …
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understand your feelings- Therapy in London

Understand Your Feelings

How often do you feel like there is something wrong but are not sure what? Do you need something to …
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get over an ex - Therapy in London

Do you still miss your ex partner?

I received a question asking how to stop loving someone that is not able to love you back. Trying to …
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How to connect your emotions to your thoughts

Hello and welcome back to the Therapy in London Blog Last week I introduced the notion of there being a …
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think or feel - Therapy in London

Think or Feel?

Hello and welcome back to the Therapy in London Blog How often do you feel out of sorts? Like you …
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Start to change - Therapy in London

Start to Change

Start to change Hello Welcome to the Therapy in London Blog. We all have parts of ourselves that we want …
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negative thoughts therapy in london

STOP Negative Thoughts

.Hello and welcome to the Therapy in London Blog How often do you find yourself thinking negatively? These thoughts may …
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plan for your future - therapy in London

How To Plan For Your Future

My last few blog posts have aimed to help encourage change and the way you relate to issues in your …
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Why Diets Don’t Work

How many times have you thought that you need to lose weight and looked to the latest diet trend to …
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be more emotional - Therapy in London

How To Be More Emotional

The Benefit of Emotion Over the last couple of weeks, I have focused on ways to start to diminishing your …
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guilty - therapy in london

Why Do I Feel Guilty?

How often do you feel guilty for making a decision of just saying no to someone? You feel that it’s …
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Issues - Therapy in london

Reform your issues

Reform your issues Over the last couple of weeks I have been showing you how to uncover and to distance …
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Stop overeating - Therapy in London

How To Stop Overeating

How often you overeat? Do you find yourself continuing to eat even when you are not hungry? Then looking down …
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Emotional Safety

Emotional Safety

Emotional Safety Establishing emotional safety is an important step in order to start reforming the way you relate to the …
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over-thinking - Therapy in London

Why Do I Think So Much?

Over-thinking Why it is that your thoughts come up over and over when you are trying to do other things, …
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4 Quick steps to stop Overthinking

Do you find yourself thinking too much? Do you try to stay busy, maybe pick up your phone and check …
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who am i Therapy in London

Know Yourself

It is important to get to know yourself, both, what makes you happy and also sad. So that you know …
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how to stop being lazy

How To Stop Being Lazy?

 Do you find that you feel lazy and never want to do anything new? For example if your friends ask …
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Why Do You Lie?

Why Do You Lie? You may not even know why you lie , yet you still do. You like to …
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How To Be Less Shy

How often do you feel shy in your daily life? How often do you feel shy? Do you feel shy …
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who are you? - Therapy in London

Stop Holding Back

A lot of the time people identify themselves by certain items or interests, but is that who you are now? …
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mental space - Therapy in London

Mental Space

Mental space is there to help assist your life. It’s an important space to have, to be alone with general …
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Be Happy With YOU

Be Happy How do you feel about yourself? I hear on a daily basis people wanting to be taller, slimmer, …
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feel better Therapy in London


Your unconscious is made up of thoughts and feelings established throughout your life. This helps you to negotiate the world …
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Critical inner voice

Master Your Critical Inner Voice

Master Your Critical Inner Voice The critical inner voice is that voice in the back of your head always doubting …
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Why am I single on Valentine’s Day?

Was this another stag Valentine’s Day for you this year? You may not even care, life goes on you and …
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Break Your Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety How often do you feel anxious or scared about attending a social situation? You can go out and …
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unconscious habits - Therapy in London

How To Break Your Unconscious Habits.

Your unconscious dictates how you act without having to think about it all the time. What you should do and …
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Confidence - Therapy in London

How To Be Confident

How often do you look around and see others exuding confidence and you wonder why you can’t be like that …
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Stop Suppressing Your Emotions

How often do you get flashes of anxious, angry or sad thoughts or feelings in your life? You could be …
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sad - Therapy in London

Do You Know Why Do You Feel Sad?

How often do you hear a story that makes you tearful or upset and you’re not even sure why? …
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Your unconscious

The Unconcious Unconscious thoughts and feelings have been established throughout life. They are essentially a blueprint of how to navigate …
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How suppression limits you

Do you ever get thoughts or emotions springing up out of nowhere? Feelings of injustice, anger, fear for no apparent …
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angry Therapy in London

Why do you get angry at the smallest things?

Why do the smallest things evoke such strong emotions? Think about the last time you bumped into someone you didn’t …
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forced happiness - Therapy in London

Forced Happiness

How often do you say you’re ‘fine’ or ‘OK’ when really, you’re tired, angry or sad? I thought it summed …
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How do others opinions impact your point of view?

How do you feel when someone tells you that you’re doing something wrong? Even if it’s something you feel that …
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Tips to Stop Fear Ruining Your Life

Why am I scared? Firstly, what are you fearful or scared of? Is it heights? Talking to new people? Some …
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scared to try - Therapy in London

How To Stop Being Scared to Try

. Last week we discussed where the critical inner voice comes from and how it has kept you safe from …
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Why am I so self critical?

Have you ever criticised your own thoughts, feelings and actions? You might think to yourself for example: ‘Don’t try to …
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Why can’t I say no?

How do you feel about saying no ? Do you still say yes to going out when you would rather …
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Have Fun and Keep Trying

You may have dreams of setting up a business, getting a new job or even playing a professional sport, but …
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Recently I heard some people talking about a business idea a friend of theirs had. They were discussing the business …
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Start NOW - Therapy in London

Start NOW

How many times have you had something to do yet you leave it and leave it You know you should …
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Why am I Overwhelmed?

It’s daunting looking into the distance and thinking ‘how am i going to reach my dreams’. You may have thoughts …
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Why you dont try & Tips to achieve your goals

Everyone has hopes and dreams. Yet how is it that some people achieve their dreams and others don’t? One of …
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scared woman

Why am I scared?

What are you scared of? Is it a physical object or trying something new? We might not even realise that …
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told what to do - Therapy in London

I’m always told what to do

Why Let’s say, you have always dreamt your life would be a certain way. A certain job or lifestyle for …
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lacking motivation

Why am I lacking Motivation

Why am I lacking motivation? Many would like to try new things and achieve more but feel unable to. They …
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best of bad situation - Therapy in London

How to make the best of a bad situation

How do you react when things don’t go your way? To give you an example, I broke the camera charger …
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zoella- Therapy in London

Following Zoella’s Example

I recently read an article in Cosmopolitan magazine about Youtuber Zoella’s (Zoe Sugg) battle with anxiety. Zoe feels able to …
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Is it time for a change?

Do you like change? Some love it, always moving, adapting and changing while others like some staticity. Do you like …
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Top 5 steps to achieving your goals

It can seem daunting thinking about making a start on your goals. How would you even make a start? What …
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The Key to Happiness

Happiness is subjective, we all have our own versions of happiness depending on, for example, our upbringing and our interests …
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paris jackson trolling therapy in london

Paris Jackson Cyber Bullying

There was an article in the Independent recently highlighting the effect of cyber bullying and trolling on Paris Jackson. This …
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Perfection - Therapy London

Is perfection achievable?

Why does everything we do have to be perfect? We have unrealistic expectations on what perfection is. We dream of …
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emotional - Therapy in London

Why am I Emotional?

Our emotions are ever present in our lives. One moment we can be happy and the next, waves of sadness, …
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The Difference Between Anger and Rage

We all have flashes of anger and rage throughout the day. I could be that someone cuts you up while …
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Why Am I Overeating?

Overeating How often do you feel overfull after eating? We all sometimes go to a restaurant and order too much …
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happy - Therapy in London

Quick Tips to be Happy

Everyone’s happiness is individual, and nothing should be more important than your own happiness. What will make you happy? Some …
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addictio help

Why I am I Addicted?

What is it about an action, substance or event that keeps us addicted? Some can interact with drugs or an …
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What is your anxiety trying to tell you?

We are taught to run from our anxious feelings so that we can remain safe and comfortable. But at what …
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talk about it - Therapy in London

Lets Talk About It

In life we are expected to be great all of the time. There is no room for unexpected feelings to …
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men do therapy - Therapy in London

My response to: Real Men Do Do Therapy

 It was interesting to see this month’s GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) leading with an article (Real Men Do Do Therapy) on …
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trolling - Therapy in london

Trolling and Virtual Identities

In recent times, ‘trolling’ has become a part of the digital world. Becoming a part of many of our virtual identities …
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Internet addiction Therapy in london

Tens of thousands of Londoners hooked on web porn and games

Are you finding yourself spending more and more time on your laptop, tablet or smartphone? An article in the  Evening …
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room movie Therapy in London

5 ways Room (Movie) draws parallels to the Oedipus complex

. I recently saw, ‘Room‘ (Original novel and screenplay by Emma Donoghue) which follows the story of a mother and …
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antidepressants - Therapy in London

Anti-depressants ‘no more effective than counselling’

A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that anti-depressants are no more effective than counselling. The …
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dental - Therapy in London

Psychotherapy linked to helping dental anxiety

A recent study has found that Psychotherapy and counselling have been linked to helping with dental anxiety. The British Dental Journal has recently …
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thinking space Therapy in London

Smartphones vs Thinking Space

Smartphones have made the internet and connectivity ever present. We take our phones wherever we go and feel lost without …
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smartphone usage Therapy in London

Women ‘can end up as gambling addicts because of online games’

.There was an article in the Evening Standard (16/11/15) by REHEMA FIGUEIRED. The article stated that ‘Women ‘can end up as …
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Binge watching

Binge watch is Collins’ dictionary’s Word of the Year 2015

I thought it was rather apt that Collins (the dictionary maker) had made binge watch (verb) its Dictionary word of …
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Avitar hologram - Therapy in London

Avatars: Resurrecting passed loved ones

.I was struck by an article I read in the Daily Telegraph (27/10/15). The article was based of the ambition …
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addictive cue therapy in London

The Link Between Addictive Cues and Smart Phone Usage

I was in a lecture recently on the subject of substance abuse and drug addiction. Specifically, on the way that …
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facebook-logo Therapy London

Facebook Offline Advertising: What’s the Point?

Facebook is a place where friends go to make meaningful connections. I was reading the newspaper and as I finished, …
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inside out - therapy in London

Pixar’s Inside Out: Mirroring our Emotional World

Inside Out I recently saw Pixar’s new movie Inside out. I was intrigued to see how Pixar would approach the …
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Screen Time Hits Grades

A study by Dr Kirsten Corder of Cambridge University has found that “Television, computer games and internet use were all …
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facebook-dislike-button Therapy in London

Facebook Dislike Button

Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook is to introduce a dislike button. With over a billion of us active on facebook …
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Anxious Teenager Therapy in London

Social Media Leaves Teens Feeling Down.

In the Metro newspaper, today (11/9/15) was an article,  on the effects of social media usage on teenagers.  The study …
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RElationships changing through technology

How technology is Changing your Relationship

For part 1 on How Technology is changing dating on Psychalive  Relationships. You have negotiated the dating stage and have …
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double screening Therapy London

Instant Gratification & Double Screening

I was at the cinema recently and as normal I was struck by a number of phones in use throughout …
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Constant Stimulation therapy in london

Technology and our need for constant stimulation

Connecting to Technology How often do you pick up your mobile phone throughout the day? Two or three times maybe? …
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happy social media fingers Therapy London

Social Media and Happiness

Perfecting your Craft Christoph Waltz, one of the great actors of the moment; a favourite of Quentin Tarantino and has …
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HD VS SD Therapy in London

Searching for a HD reality: How technology is shaping society

I was recently reading an introduction to the psychologist and linguist Jacques Lacan. Much of his work involved making sense …
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Homework Therapy in London

Homework VS Facebook

I noticed an interesting report on the BBC news website a month ago or so. The article concerned itself with …
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social media Therapy London

Technology Addiction: The drug of the information age

I received a Twitter comment from @forwardtherapy concerning my last blog entry labelling internet addiction .  The comment stated: “My professional experience …
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Why we find it hard to label internet addiction

Much of my blog is focused on the rise in attention many of us are putting into the internet and …
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The Impact of the Internet: ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge

Please donate to: The ALS ice bucket challenge has made $100 million for research into ALS  which is 3500% …
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Why we Troll : The Internet, A World Without Consequence

The rise I was recently reading the book The will of knowledge by  the 20th century philosopher Foucault on the …
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Blurring The Lines of Physical and Virtual

 I was recently struck by the behaviour of a young boy on the street. He was running around stepping on …
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Wearable Technology: Helping Society?

The next item on our Christmas lists is set to be wearable technology. Apple and Samsung has revealed its new watch …
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Selfie: The mark of a Digital Generation

I know you have, come on admit it. There is no shame in it, everyone has. We all want to …
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One app to the Next: From One Addiction to Another

When speaking to many of my friends and peers, what has come apparent to me is how people seemingly flit …
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Candy Crush Vs 2048: What makes them so addictive?

While doing my research on the candy crush phenomena I noticed that there were many entries on a new game, …
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Candy Crush Addiction

While traveling on the tube to work I noticed the amount of people playing a puzzle game on their phone …
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What Makes Social Media so Addictive?

I have introduced the topic of Social Media; but why is it so much more compelling than real life interactions …
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Social media : “Like real life but better” Introduction

The way social media has established itself in our lives is remarkable. The gestation from solitary profile websites such as ‘Facepic’ …
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Am I addicted to my phone? An afterthought

So how has not having a phone for 3 days affected me? …
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Am i addicted to my phone? 3 Days of Peace (No phone) : Day 3

As I wake up the first thing I do is open my laptop and check my emails.  So, it seems …
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Am i addicted to my phone? 3 Days of Peace (No phone) :Day 2

I wake up on day two and instinctively look over to the bedside table to see what’s happening in the …
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smartphones - therapy in London

Am i addicted to my smartphone? 3 Days of Peace (No phone) : Day 1

In my last blog entry, I mention that I will be doing some heuristic research into my own relationship to …
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smartphones - Therapy in London

The affect of mobile phones on our lives: Introduction

,The first theme I would like to speak about in this blog is the use of mobile phones. I will be …
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affext of technology- Therapy in london

An Introduction : In what way does technology affect our lives?

Technology is a huge and for many, integral part of our lives. Many of us use technology and the internet …
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