Be Self-Disciplined

Self-discipline is something that isn’t easy to hold onto. You tell yourself that you’ll do it later because you would rather be having fun right now; only to either forget to do it, rush doing it or not do it at all. Why is it so hard just to do it there and then?

Be Selfish and Put Yourself First!

You have been told that you should put others needs before our own. You’re never thinking about what you want first. Is that right? Is that how life should be? How often do you put others first? Sometimes, all the time, or every time?

Use Your Feelings

This week I would like to discuss negative feelings and emotion. When people find out I am a therapist I am asked ‘How do I get rid of these bad feelings?’ or ‘How do I distance myself from feeling upset, sad and anxious all the time?’

Start Taking Risks

How often do you take risks in life? When I say risk I don’t mean doing something dangerous but rather, simply trying something new. Anything from trying a new flavour of ice cream to applying for a new job. Society teaches you to stay safe and be comfortable with what you know. Doing something different […]

How to Succeed in Life: Learn How To Cope with Failure

Within society and life in general failure is seen as a weakness or as a negative mark on your character. You have been taught to run from failure all of your life. However, if you can start to see failure in a different way it will lead you a new way of life. A life […]