Smartphones vs Thinking Space

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Smartphones have made the internet and connectivity ever present. We take our phones wherever we go and feel lost without them. We feel we need connectivity but, as discussed previously, it is a much deeper need than that.


Smartphones are our catalyst for instant gratification. Any time we feel bored or restless we can pick up our phone and get a little spike of serotonin by looking at a picture of a funny cat. Validating our virtual image on social media, or catching a missed call or text.

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The Link Between Addictive Cues and Smart Phone Usage

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I was in a lecture recently on the subject of substance abuse and drug addiction. Specifically, on the way that dopamine is triggered by not just the use of drugs, but also cues associated with that drug. For example, returning to the same room you took the drug in, or being with the same people you took the drugs with. These cues are not exclusive to drugs but any addictive behaviour, such as gambling or on-line gaming.

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How technology is Changing your Relationship

RElationships changing through technology

For part 1 on How Technology is changing dating on Psychalive 

Relationships. You have negotiated the dating stage and have found a partner. You settle into the conferrable space of a relationship; the ups, downs and early nights in. Life seems good!   

What strikes me with this picture is where has the buzz of the ‘Dating Game’ Gone? Much of our lives is governed by the use of technology from an emotional and cognitive viewpoint. We have spent the last few months getting rather good at meeting and talking to people via online dating sites, having our pick and getting a boost of self-esteem. Where do we get that from now?

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Technology and our need for constant stimulation

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Connecting to Technology


How often do you pick up your mobile phone throughout the day? Two or three times maybe? 10? Or even more? It’s old news that Smartphones have enabled us to connect to others in new ways through the internet. And by the nature of our Smartphones we have access to that connection wherever and whenever we want.

We have started using our Smartphones on the way to and from the office, our computer and at home. The indoctrination of mobile technology has resulted in the way we connect and live within our society; to be intrinsically bound within the use of the internet. So much so that it does not seem viable to live without a constant connection to it.

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Homework VS Facebook

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I noticed an interesting report on the BBC news website a month ago or so. The article concerned itself with the growing trend of excessive use of social media by school children. It states that many parents find it hard to regulate how they use the internet. Many will say: “There have always been distractions. I can remember being told off for reading Jackie magazine inside my textbooks.”  So, has anything changed?

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Technology Addiction: The drug of the information age

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I received a Twitter comment from @forwardtherapy concerning my last blog entry labelling internet addiction .  The comment stated: “My professional experience is, the label is less significant than discussing Internet use as a response to life circumstances”. Before I continue on, I want to hammer this message to everyone. We live in a time where drug addiction have become huge problem. Please if you know anybody who are addicted to drugs or maybe you are then go to this rehab center, learn about it and they will help you to overcome that addiction.

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