Break Free From Loneliness

Loneliness - Therapy in London

Feeling alone can be awful.

You can be surrounded by people but you can still feel like no one understands you or that you can’t be yourself.

Feeling lonely is just like feeling any number of negative emotions such as sadness, anger or frustration. It is a feeling telling you that something needs to change in your life.

Sometimes that feeling of loneliness can be so powerful that you find it impossible to think or feel anything else. You might feel stuck in a perpetual loop of sadness or self-hatred.

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STOP Saying Sorry

sorry - Therapy in London

 You have been taught to say sorry when you do something wrong, yet so many say sorry even when you have done nothing wrong.

You may not realise that saying sorry when you have done nothing wrong makes you look weak and has a negative impact on your personal and professional life.

After time, you can start saying sorry for anything that makes you different and special from anyone else.

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I Feel Frustrated

Frustrated Therapy in London

How do you deal with frustration?

Frustration makes you feel limited and trapped, and that feeling stops you from seeing a way out.

The reason you feel this way is because you have never been taught to understand the message of your more negative emotions.

You are told not to feel sad and to take your mind away from the frustration; do something fun and just be happy!

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comparing - Therapy in London

Do you find that you compare yourself to others? Wishing you were more successful, richer or fitter, and stopping you from being truly happy.

Comparing yourself to others is something that we have all been genetically programmed to do in order to feel safe, secure and happier in general.

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Be Self-Disciplined

Self-discipline Therapy in London

Self-discipline is something that isn’t easy to hold onto.

You tell yourself that you’ll do it later because you would rather be having fun right now; only to either forget to do it, rush doing it or not do it at all.

Why is it so hard just to do it there and then?

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Use Your Feelings

use your feelings - Therapy in London

This week I would like to discuss negative feelings and emotion.

When people find out I am a therapist I am asked ‘How do I get rid of these bad feelings?’ or ‘How do I distance myself from feeling upset, sad and anxious all the time?’

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Start Taking Risks

How often do you take risks in life? When I say risk I don’t mean doing something dangerous but rather, simply trying something new. Anything from trying a new flavour of ice cream to applying for a new job.

Society teaches you to stay safe and be comfortable with what you know. Doing something different would mean taking a risk which might not work out, making you feel sad and dejected. Yet by not taking a risk you stay in the same position and never move forward in your life.

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How to Succeed in Life: Learn How To Cope with Failure

succeed - Therapy in London

Within society and life in general failure is seen as a weakness or as a negative mark on your character. You have been taught to run from failure all of your life. However, if you can start to see failure in a different way it will lead you a new way of life. A life which is not filled with dread and regret, but one filled with excitement about trying new things and will ultimately lead to success. A life without emotional boundaries to try new things.

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