Why Diets Don’t Work


How many times have you thought that you need to lose weight and looked to the latest diet trend to help you through? Whether it is Atkins, Paleo, or just eating fewer calories.

It has worked for others so why wouldn’t it work for you?

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How To Stop Overeating

Stop overeating - Therapy in London

How often you overeat? Do you find yourself continuing to eat even when you are not hungry? Then looking down and noticing that you have eaten way more than you needed to.  Leavin you feeling so full up that you feel sick, tired and guilty.

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Emotional Safety

Emotional Safety

Emotional Safety

Establishing emotional safety is an important step in order to start reforming the way you relate to the world. When I say the world I mean the everyday situations you find yourself in.

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Why Do I Think So Much?

over-thinking - Therapy in London


Why it is that your thoughts come up over and over when you are trying to do other things, such as work or indeed nothing at all, such as sleeping. We finished on the fact that our thoughts are a gateway to connect to our emotions; Helping you to understand and solve issues in your life.  However, for lasting results, you need to find out the root cause of why these thoughts keep on coming up.  By doing this you can start to dispel the underlying emotions from your life so that they no longer impact you on a daily basis.

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Know Yourself

who am i Therapy in London

It is important to get to know yourself, both, what makes you happy and also sad. So that you know if there is something wrong and the best next steps to fix it. 

It’s easy to notice the good but you are taught to run from the bad or hard to feel emotions such as anger, sadness and anxiety. The detriment to running is that you will never know what’s making you sad and how to fix it.

Below are my 4 steps to help you understand your thoughts and feelings so that you can uncover what is wrong.

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How To Stop Being Lazy?

how to stop being lazy

 Do you find that you feel lazy and never want to do anything new?

For example if your friends ask you to go out, do you say no because you can’t be bothered to get ready, travel there and make conversation even though you know you will have fun? Or do you delay doing something such as a piece of work or tidying up?

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