How to make the best of a bad situation

How do you react when things don’t go your way?

To give you an example, I broke the camera charger a couple of months ago which meant that I couldn’t film my usual Sunday video.  Rather than not put a video up at all I used a different resource to make another type of video.

It wasn’t exactly what I planned to do, but it was better than nothing and lead to inspiration for future videos. In fact this blog, video and a few few future videos were in consequence of me breaking the charger

Sometimes things don’t go your way. Things become out of your control, for me it was the camera but for you, the train could be delayed, you didn’t get that job you wanted or someone cancels on you.

Many give up, but what I ask you do to is rather than fall at the first hurdle, look at the situation in a different way, relate to it and use that disappointment to grow, adapt and achieve what you want to achieve.

Is there another way to get to the end point you envisaged?

Work within the limitation of circumstances, ask yourself ‘What can I do here?’ by learning to adapt to what the world throws at us, by not giving up and working out a different way, it leads to growth change and inspiration.

This way of relating to disappointment and frustration is not just bound to that one event but can be replicated again and again whenever something doesn’t go your way.

This gives self reliance, tenacity and confidence in all walks of life.

Next time something doesn’t go your way, try to find a new route to get to that end point. It might not be as easy but the journey is just as important as reaching that goal. Test Yourself.

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