Be Happy Being Different


If you worry about thinking differently, it can stop you from not only being your own person but happy and self-assured.

I get it, you just want to be the same as everyone else; same interests, the same point of view and enjoy the same things.

This way of thinking has been carried from generation to generation, but is now, quite frankly, outdated. Generations ago we didn’t have the option to meet people. It was safer to follow everyone else, simply fit in, and not drift from your community. Maybe you have some disorder or something that you think people may call you weird for, like hiperhidrosis, if that´s something you have then you don´t have to worry about it anymore because there is a new treatment for hyperhidrosis. So get out there and be yourself.

Today, however, we have far more opportunity to meet people that share the same point of view.

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Why Am I Scared Of Change?


Change is a part of life and all have to deal with it at some point. Yet some of us are scared of change and run from it when faced with change.

Why are you not able to accept change? And let’s start amending your relationship to change:

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Good First Impression

People talking and hangout with iced tea

You have 10 seconds to make a first impression on someone which you cannot go back on.

We are genetically programmed to make a first impression which either does or doesn’t instill trust in you.

A lot of pressure right?

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Stop Procrastinating


One of the main reasons you may not be happy might be because of procrastination.


In this week’s blog, I want to help you to stop procrastinating. Helping you to get what you need to get done today.

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How To Be More Interesting


If you are reading this blog, I imagine it is because you don’t think you are very interesting.

Do you feel that you have nothing to say, no one wants to talk to you or that you just feel alone?

If you think this is true – I don’t. I think you have lots to say and in fact, your point of view is just as important and knowledgeable as anyone else’s.

Let’s start to change that point of view so that you believe that you are an interesting person.

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Stop Feeling Jealous

jealous Therapy in London

Jealousy is a response to something that you want but don’t feel able to achieve.

Underlying that feeling of jealousy is frustration and anger for not having what others do have. It is seen within our society as wrong to act on these emotions, so we are taught to run from ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ feelings.

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Self-Belief – Start Believing in Yourself

self-belief Therapy in London


To be rich, successful or even happy, you need self-belief. Self-belief gives the strength to want, try, get what you want and pick yourself up when things go wrong.

Many go through life not believing in themselves. Why is that? There can be any number of reasons, such as being bullied at school or people telling you that you can’t do it.

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Break Free From Loneliness

Loneliness - Therapy in London

Feeling alone can be awful.

You can be surrounded by people but you can still feel like no one understands you or that you can’t be yourself.

Feeling lonely is just like feeling any number of negative emotions such as sadness, anger or frustration. It is a feeling telling you that something needs to change in your life.

Sometimes that feeling of loneliness can be so powerful that you find it impossible to think or feel anything else. You might feel stuck in a perpetual loop of sadness or self-hatred.

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STOP Saying Sorry

sorry - Therapy in London

 You have been taught to say sorry when you do something wrong, yet so many say sorry even when you have done nothing wrong.

You may not realise that saying sorry when you have done nothing wrong makes you look weak and has a negative impact on your personal and professional life.

After time, you can start saying sorry for anything that makes you different and special from anyone else.

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