Do you still miss your ex partner?

get over an ex - Therapy in London

I received a question asking how to stop loving someone that is not able to love you back.

Trying to get over another is something that everyone has to do at one point or another.

You have feelings for someone that they do not share, whether you have been in, or want to be in a relationship with them.

Your emotional heart strings are there desperately trying to get them to love you back.

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Think or Feel?

think or feel - Therapy in London

Hello and welcome back to the Therapy in London Blog

How often do you feel out of sorts? Like you should be happy yet feel anything but happy.

Maybe you have been working towards a goal, thinking when you reach the end point then you’ll feel content and safe. Yet you hit your target, achieve your goal and still feel upset, stressed and depressed or even all of the above.

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Why Diets Don’t Work


How many times have you thought that you need to lose weight and looked to the latest diet trend to help you through? Whether it is Atkins, Paleo, or just eating fewer calories. You can´t forget that you have to include some type of exercise to keep that weight down, so why not try jogging with your little on their stroller, you can get a new one from

It has worked for others so why wouldn’t it work for you?

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