Be Happy Being Different

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If you worry about thinking differently, it can stop you from not only being your own person but happy and self-assured.

I get it, you just want to be the same as everyone else; same interests, the same point of view and enjoy the same things.

This way of thinking has been carried from generation to generation, but is now, quite frankly, outdated. Generations ago we didn’t have the option to meet people. It was safer to follow everyone else, simply fit in, and not drift from your community.

Today, however, we have far more opportunity to meet people that share the same point of view.

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Why Am I Scared Of Change?

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Change is a part of life and all have to deal with it at some point. Yet some of us are scared of change and run from it when faced with change.

Why are you not able to accept change? And let’s start amending your relationship to change:

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Good First Impression

First Impression - Therapy in London

You have 10 seconds to make a first impression on someone which you cannot go back on.

We are genetically programmed to make a first impression which either does or doesn’t instill trust in you.

A lot of pressure right?

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Stop Procrastinating

stop Procrastinating - Therapy in London

One of the main reasons you may not be happy might be because of procrastination.


In this week’s blog, I want to help you to stop procrastinating. Helping you to get what you need to get done today.

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Technology Addiction: The drug of the information age

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I received a Twitter comment from @forwardtherapy concerning my last blog entry labelling internet addiction .  The comment stated: “My professional experience is, the label is less significant than discussing Internet use as a response to life circumstances”. Before I continue on, I want to hammer this message to everyone. We live in a time where drug addiction have become huge problem. Please if you know anybody who are addicted to drugs or maybe you are then go to this rehab center here and they will help you to overcome that addiction.

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