How To Be Confident

Confidence - Therapy in London

How often do you look around and see others exuding confidence and you wonder why you can’t be like that. They don’t have this cloud of fear or shyness hanging over their heads, but why is that?

Why can they do it whereas you’re gripped by anxiety about being judged?

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Why do you get angry at the smallest things?

angry Therapy in London

Why do the smallest things evoke such strong emotions? Think about the last time you bumped into someone you didn’t want to in the street or your partner did someone small that evoked such a strong emotional response, was it justified? Why did you lose your temper or why did it affect you in such a profound way?

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Start NOW

Start NOW - Therapy in London

How many times have you had something to do yet you leave it and leave it You know you should do it now in order to get it done to the best of your ability and yet you still procrastinate. You’ll do it tomorrow or after this episode on Netflix. You delay it again and again until you have to rush at the last minute.

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