Why Do I Think So Much?

over-thinking - Therapy in London


Why it is that your thoughts come up over and over when you are trying to do other things, such as work or indeed nothing at all, such as sleeping. We finished on the fact that our thoughts are a gateway to connect to our emotions; Helping you to understand and solve issues in your life.  However, for lasting results, you need to find out the root cause of why these thoughts keep on coming up.  By doing this you can start to dispel the underlying emotions from your life so that they no longer impact you on a daily basis.

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Know Yourself

who am i Therapy in London

It is important to get to know yourself, both, what makes you happy and also sad. So that you know if there is something wrong and the best next steps to fix it. 

It’s easy to notice the good but you are taught to run from the bad or hard to feel emotions such as anger, sadness and anxiety. The detriment to running is that you will never know what’s making you sad and how to fix it.

Below are my 4 steps to help you understand your thoughts and feelings so that you can uncover what is wrong.

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Stop Holding Back

who are you? - Therapy in London

A lot of the time people identify themselves by certain items or interests, but is that who you are now?

You can enjoy something, but is that your sole identity?

There is so much more to you that others may not see that you may not even be aware of.

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Mental Space

mental space - Therapy in London

Mental space is there to help assist your life. It’s an important space to have, to be alone with general thoughts and feelings. Increasingly however, this space is filled with other things such as computer games, looking at social media or reading a book. It is  OK to relax, however by filling every moment with distractions,  there is no time to reflect.

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How To Be Confident

Confidence - Therapy in London

How often do you look around and see others exuding confidence and you wonder why you can’t be like that. They don’t have this cloud of fear or shyness hanging over their heads, but why is that?

Why can they do it whereas you’re gripped by anxiety about being judged?

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Why do you get angry at the smallest things?

angry Therapy in London

Why do the smallest things evoke such strong emotions? Think about the last time you bumped into someone you didn’t want to in the street or your partner did someone small that evoked such a strong emotional response, was it justified? Why did you lose your temper or why did it affect you in such a profound way?

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