Why you get angry over the little things

Don’t get angry. Just forget about your troubles and be happy.

However, forgetting about it means leaving it to stir, suppressing it so that the next time you get even a little bit angry, all of that pent-up anger comes out. Your emotions are suppressed. You get angry over the smallest little thing in a completely unrelated situation.

Feeling angry and safety

The reason why you feel able to let this anger out is that you feel safe. Often we take out our feelings on those closest to us.

You feel that there won’t be any repercussions getting angry at a loved. How many of you feel like you show the worst sides of yourself to the ones you love the most. For example, getting angry at your sister or brother over the smallest things, arguing with your partner over the TV not working, rather than at your boss for shouting at you at work.

This all happens because you have never been taught how to use anger in a constructive and positive way.

Anger has always been seen as a negative emotion that you should let go of.

In reality, you need to use this anger to make some changes, learn from it, and better your life.

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