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Are you a Christmas Elf, Scrooge, or Secret Santa this year?

Christmas has returned faster than any of us thought it would, but I’m finding that not everyone is in full Christmas spirit.

The nation seems to be split and even though it is not unlike loved ones to clash during this season, after a memorable pandemic, we’re all seeing things in a different way.

What you’ll find here are the kinds of people I’ve come across so far in the build-up to Christmas, what makes them tick, and how you can use your outlook to help others this Christmas.

What I hope you’ll take from this is not just a set-personality trait, but the idea that if Christmas is a time to come together, it should also bring an understanding of what others have been going through too.

So who do you think you are? And what will you be doing to be there for others this Christmas?

The Christmas Elf

This is technically the first Christmas in 2 years and you are not going to let anything get in your way of this being the most magical Christmas to date. After a tough few years, you’re pulling out all the stops for you and for everyone around you.

This is going to be a Christmas you’ll never forget and you want everyone to feel the same way too.

What you can do for others this Christmas

It is fantastic to be in a positive mindset and you want everyone to feel the same way too.

With such a tough time lately it’s important to remember that everyone has had different experiences and can feel different to you. Also, remember to ask others what they would like from you this year. Not just in terms of gifts, but also mental space and to take into account their feelings towards this season.

It’s easy to get swept up in your own excitement and it can be difficult to understand why others don’t feel the same, so remember to take a moment to ask others what will make them happy rather than expecting your own cheer to simply catch on.

The Scrooge

With Christmas feeling pretty isolating last year, you are expecting a similar outcome this year. Seeing others around you getting excited is difficult for you as you believe they shouldn’t get their hopes up for Christmas to get back to normal.

You are still participating with loved ones but you want to keep it at a bare minimum until you hear the inevitable news that covid rules will return.

Like everyone else, the pandemic has been a tough time for you. You feel different, things have changed, even your mentality. You don’t intend to bring others down but you want people to not get their hopes up.

What you can do for others this Christmas

You are considering others’ feelings by not wanting them to get their hopes up, but this can seem pessimistic to people around you.

It’s great to have strong feelings and opinions but everyone’s outlook is different and hence

The Secret Santa

As you had during the height of the pandemic, you are going with the flow this Christmas and taking everything as it comes. 

You may be going into Christmas with blinkers, but it means that you are living in the present and can handle anything that comes your way once it happens.

What you can do for others this Christmas

As you have taken most things in your stride these past few years, it can be hard to understand why others feel pressured or more emotional than you.

It’s tempting to want to tell others to calm down a little, but what that does is try to muffle others’ feelings and emotions.

Lending an ear for a moment can be hard work if you don’t feel as invested as the other person, but whether they hugely fore or against Christmas this year, they will benefit from having

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