Are you feeling constantly let down?

Disappointed is something we all cannot escape. You might however feel like you just can’t find relief from feeling let down. It could be your friends, family, work and even the constant dreary rain as we come into Spring.

When feeling let down interferes with your normal routine and your emotional wellbeing, then it is certainly something to address. So what can you do about it?

Are you going around the houses?

Reflect on the situations and people that consistently let you down. Are there recurring themes or behaviors? Recognizing patterns can help you understand why you feel let down and what changes might be necessary.

Are you being realistic?

Sometimes, we set ourselves up for disappointment by expecting too much from others or from specific situations. Try to set realistic expectations and understand that people may not always meet them.

Consider the impact of these letdowns on your relationships. Are they healthy and supportive, or are they consistently causing you distress? It may be necessary to reassess certain relationships and establish boundaries if needed.

If it is people you consistently feel let down by, do you show your feelings and needs to the people involved? In the same way that your patterns can create the same result, if you are not expressing how you are feeling then the same thing can happen again without the other person aware. Being afraid of confrontation is common, but start by considering how you can express yourself kindly as the first step.

Have you considered disappointment character building?

Cultivate resilience by focusing on your strengths and finding ways to bounce back from setbacks. People will come and go in your life that may disappoint you, but what lesson are you taking from that? Do you have blanket expectations of everyone? Which essentially disregards a person’s individuality. Remember to read who you are with, the context and if your expectations are set too high from the get go.

If certain situations or relationships consistently lead to disappointment, consider exploring alternatives. This could involve finding new hobbies, social circles, professional relationships, and what to expect for the environment you’re in. 

And we would never ignore the difficulty of healing from repeated letdowns, it takes time. But the cycle can only be broken when you start to notice the patterns. Be patient with yourself and the process of navigating through these emotions. It’s okay to take small steps forward.

First acknowledging that your expectations may be too high in some aspects of your life, means that you can start to focus on how you can lower your expectations and build  long-term  resilience, emotional intelligence, strength and even further ambition for yourself,

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