Refocus your goals for Father’s Day

A parent/child relationship can have its complexities. Especially as you grow up and information being so readily available, you may start to notice how your childhood had shaped you. Father’s Day is focused on pure love and affection, but many relationship require work and rebuilding, so what can you do and isn’t today as good a time as any?

The relationship with your father isn’t as simple as offering love and gratitude to him on this one day. The history there can feel unavoidable, so whether you have a loving relationship, or it is broken, estranged or supposedly irreparable, Father’s Day is as good a time as any to reflect on how this relationship has moulded you to this point. And most importantly, how to create the happiest future for yourself.

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Are we really aging faster? Do Gen Z look older?

What’s been said recently is that younger generations – specifically Gen Z – look significantly older than their age.

Many are chalking this down to the increased difficulty of securing the simple things in life, like a family, a home and a steady income.

This could be one aspect, but we would say there are several factors to also consider. 

Access to knowledge and information

Generation Z are the first generation to have access to the internet from birth. This has given them a wealth of information including learning from others’ mistakes. 

Gen Z may never have entered their awkward teenage phase where they didn’t know how to dress their new bodies, or their experimentation with make-up without blow-by-blow online tutorials. For Millennials and generations prior, these are clear memories which also highlight our naivety and innocence. 

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Bluey, The Sign | Got us again

In parenting circles, there has been one thing that everyone has been talking about. That is the latest episode of Bluey, named The Sign. 

Bluey already has a reputation for making children laugh and making parents shed more than a few tears with their all-too-relatable themes.

The Sign is no different. But because it was released as a whopping 28-minute long Bluey episode, we knew there would be some impactful themes. And, we did indeed get glassy-eyed – again.

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Make Changes At Your Happiest! Summer is coming.

With Summer on the way we are finally feeling some glimmer of warmth and sun as we step outside. This brings about all kinds of emotions and feelings. A lot of us will be feeling happy, lighter, more driven and motivated – and there’s a reason for that.

Summer itself has an abundance of health benefits including Vitamin D, which we are usually lacking in the darker colder months.

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Are you feeling constantly let down?

Disappointed is something we all cannot escape. You might however feel like you just can’t find relief from feeling let down. It could be your friends, family, work and even the constant dreary rain as we come into Spring.

When feeling let down interferes with your normal routine and your emotional wellbeing, then it is certainly something to address. So what can you do about it?

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Build a Long-term Gift for Mother’s Day

With International Women’s Day bordering Mother’s Day, this is a great time to shine a light on positive change for women and mother’s which spans further than gifts and a day of recognition.

Do you as a mother often feel forgotten, disregarded or taken advantage of? Or do you notice these things in your mum and you want to know how to change things for the better?

Let’s highlight how to create positive and long-term change within the home to create an equal and respectful family dynamic.

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