Be Happy Being Different

If you worry about thinking differently, it can stop you from not only being your own person but happy and self-assured.

I get it, you just want to be the same as everyone else; same interests, the same point of view and enjoy the same things.

This way of thinking has been carried from generation to generation, but is now, quite frankly, outdated. Generations ago we didn’t have the option to meet people. It was safer to follow everyone else, simply fit in, and not drift from your community.

Today, however, we have far more opportunity to meet people that share the same point of view.


This way of thinking keeps you safe on one level but stifled in another. The great people of our time did and do not hold back from thinking differently, which is why they are successful and happy. They followed their own path, created something new and in return, were rewarded.

Thinking differently can lead you to feel isolated and alone, as others close to you might not share your opinion or point of view. Does that mean you should stop and be like everyone else? Of course not – doing this means you will never live the life you want but the life that others expect you to lead.

Accept Point of View

Here are my 6 steps to help you start acknowledging and accepting your own unique thoughts:
Grow in confidence and be happy with your own point of view
Use uniqueness to your advantage
Stop caring what other people think
Find people that share your point of view
Start taking risks
And most importantly, start actioning your plans

By actively doing the thing you want to do, you will be able to see you don’t need others around you agree will your point of view. In time you will be surrounded by people that share your point of view.

Thinking differently isn’t easy but believing in yourself, taking a risk and trying something new it’s going to lead you to feel happier just being you.

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