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How To Be More Emotional

The Benefit of Emotion

Over the last couple of weeks, I have focused on ways to start to diminishing your issues.


In order to solidify that emotional change, you now need to bring emotion back into your life. You can start to look at these topics, not as issues. Instead, as drivers to push you forward and to help motivate rather than stifle you.

The first thing is to get your picture from Step 1 (with the emotion in) and the picture from Step 3 (without the emotion).

What are the differences between the two pictures?

The first picture would be bigger, full of colour and detail which bring about feelings of being overwhelmed or in danger. A feeling that leads you to distance yourself from your issues rather than tackle it head on.

The second picture (with distance from emotion) is usually smaller, with less vibrant colours and seen in a more factual way.

Without your felt emotional connection to the issue, it is not as scary as you once thought, it is still affecting you, but not in the same way. By distancing yourself emotionally you can start to see the issue in a different way and start to deal with it without the emotion getting in the way.

Solidify the change

In order to solidify that change, you can start to put new emotional labels on your issues.

Without the feelings of anxiety, fear and danger, what is left after that?Excitment, happiness and safety,

Once you have stripped your initial emotional connection away and have seen those issues in a different light, you have more power to mould these emotional issues in a way that helps you rather than hinders your life.

Go through the YouTube playlist bellow to help to reconnect. yourself to your emotions.


All the best and I will see you next week



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