Clinical depression vs depressive state

You have probably thrown around the phrase or have heard many people say that they’re feeling depressed. Depression can often be a very broad term. I, however, like to see depression as two different forms. There can be a depressive state or clinical depression – and the two are very different from each other.

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Stop Feeling Empty Inside

In this blog, I want to share with you 5 steps to help you stop feeling alone.

When it comes to that feeling of emptiness you might have, chances are you have never been taught how to feel emotionally full.

It’s likely that you have always been told to just be happy.

Is This Normal?

This feeling can be so present that you have not been able to listen to your feelings of emptiness and therefore, it has become too scary and daunting to focus on.

This is the main reason why you tend to fill your time with those more short-term, meaningless tasks. They make you feel good in the short term, yet leave you feeling empty in the long-term.

Instead, start acknowledging the emptiness as a feeling helping to drive you forward to get things done.

2. Listen to your emotions

Just like the emptiness you have spent time busying yourself from feeling any of those more negative emotion in the hope of feeling happy all of the time.
So instead, listen to your feelings surrounding the emptiness as they are there trying to help you to solve the riddle of why you feel so empty inside Think to yourself what would help you to start feeling full?

3. Start setting long-term goals

Remember, not all of your goals need to be long-term ones. You can still have hobbies that you enjoy but don’t let your whole life be based around those short-term experiences.

Start focusing instead on working on something bigger that is going to help you achieve lasting results. If you think of it in terms of a hobby like playing a sport, the more you practice, the better you get and so the more enjoyment you get out of playing.

This is the same in terms of other parts of your life too.

4. Start right now

It is easy to just plan and think about things, as there are no perceived risks – but starting is the hard part.

Once you do start, even if it is just one small step, you will realise that you do have what it takes to achieve your dreams and limit the impact of that empty feeling in your life.

5. Don’t be surprised when it comes back

When those feelings of emptiness come back remember to listen to the emotions or feelings surrounding it.

Notice what is going on in your life and use those emotions as a message to better your life.

Feeling empty doesn’t have to be a force that limits you. Start using it as a motivating force rather than one holding you back from trying new things.

Therapy in London

Anxiety vs Depression

Many people ask for help with anxiety and depression. You might not realise however that these are two very different feelings that get grouped together.

You may think there’s no problem with that – as you need help. But imagine your leg had been sprained, but the doctor’s treated your leg as if it was broken.

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