Five Reasons to Tell the Truth

You must have heard many times that you shouldn’t lie, but on the opposite scale to that, have you considered why you should tell the truth? I want to offer my five reasons why being truthful can be beneficial to your life.


Being responsible means being reliant on yourself and, importantly, you must trust yourself too. With trust in yourself comes the ability to take on further responsibility and complete things with much success.

And this is how you should be truthful; to yourself. Ask yourself, what are your skills? Where do your passions lie? And what do you want out of life?

By being honest with yourself you are able to succeed with confidence and the openness to grow in your skillset.

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Stop Lying To Yourself

Lying to yourself is a short-term action that can make you feel safe, but in the long term means further lies and living in a false reality. It can also be a very lonely existence!

The main reason why you lie is to defuse tension, get out of trouble or to make yourself feel better. It can become so natural that you don’t even realise that you are doing it.

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