Do you self-diagnose?

Have you ever been browsing or scrolling for a while and then come across something that makes you feel as if the algorithm knows you a little too well? I’m finding that self-diagnosis is an increasingly common issue when it comes to mental health for this very reason.

That is its job, to get to know you and to offer you content that feels familiar and enticing. What content creators then aim to do is create what can only be described as ‘blanket content’. Content that feels as if it is aimed at you, but it can really appeal to a mass audience.

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Facebook Outage: We’re Ok…

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on the topic of technology and social media. Then comes the Facebook outage and I start to look into how the world has handled it.

But I’m finding the angle of the topic has almost turned in on itself in recent years. To be honest, as a mental health professional even I didn’t see things going in this direction.

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Googling your symptoms? What’s it doing to your mental health?

I’m sure you – like everyone else – can be found Googling your symptoms when you think something is wrong.

Today, all the information we need is at our fingertips which is a fantastic resource to have. Before the internet, I personally don’t remember actively making a library visit to find out how long my eye should itch for before consulting a doctor. I would just ask the doctor.

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