Bluey and the (banned) episode, ‘Smoochy Kiss’

Our YouTube audience have loved hearing some insight on the Disney Plus show Bluey. So much so that we had to offer some commentary on a specific episode, one of several that Disney Plus originally refused to publish on their streaming service – ‘Smoochy Kiss’

For those that don’t already know, Bluey is an animated Disney Plus series for children. It’s a wholesome story that follows the life of a puppy called Bluey and her sister Bingo that play imaginative games with their parents, and learn valuable life lessons along the way. 

Can we actually learn something from Bluey?

Bluey is more than just entertainment. One of the reasons the show is so popular among children and their parents is that it promotes a healthy family dynamic that features everyone spending quality time together and accepting each other’s flaws. 

Some episodes are an honest portrayal of a family life that has fun but also engages in behaviours typically seen as disgusting.

In ‘Smoochy Kiss’, Bluey and her sister learn about their dad’s gross habits.

Even though being a little gross is human (like having bad breath in the morning) and accidents can happen to all of us (a gravy stain on a t-shirt), it’s not something we see on TV often. This lack of representation creates expectations of how we should be and might pressure us to be perfect. As a result, many peoples feel embarrassed when they fulfil their basic needs and engage in natural behaviours such as going to the toilet.

While the content of the episode might seem gross to some, those real-life examples are a way to teach kids that they shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are, which can help them develop higher self-esteem. If characters they look up to aren’t afraid to be true to themselves, they have no reason to be either.

“You gotta take the good with the bad”

Another important takeaway is that “you gotta take the good with the bad” when you’re in a relationship. Bluey and her sister are surprised that their mum doesn’t mind their dad’s habits; she sees him for who he is and doesn’t expect him to be perfect all the time. While you can grow with someone during good times, it’s how you handle the bad times that determines if you can have a loving and committed relationship. 

Parents find this angle refreshing because it’s just how it is in real life: there’s the good and the bad, the fun and the gross. 

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