Therapist Reacts to Therapists in Movies (Video Reaction)

I have been blown away by the response from last week’s therapist reacts video. It’s a great feeling putting information out there that is so important for everyone to understand but seen as somewhat taboo. If you can find more understanding of your own mental health through movie reactions, then I’m all for it.

This is what the discussion on mental health has been about, simply wanting people to see and talk about it and not be ashamed or embarrassed.

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A Therapist’s Reaction to Bojack Horseman

*Spoilers ahead. This post mentions some details from the final season of Bojack Horseman.

I have been very grateful to find a new audience once I started to offer my response and reactions to popular TV shows, how they convey either mental health issues or how mental health is discussed in general.

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Taking Control During Tragedy.

It has come to my attention that anything that could possibly be said about the devastating news about Sarah Everand has already been said. What everyone wants right now is for that felt sense of control to be taken back from the person who took it.

As there isn’t much else to be expressed, I had just a few comments on the subject surrounding the public’s reaction.

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Exposing Clickbait: Why Does it Work?

Clickbait is hard to ignore and is used globally. It’s ingenious as you don’t even know you are looking at it until you are already sucked in and gawping at what a celebrity supposedly did or what the new superfood is.

What is fascinating about it is that they primarily use psychology to work. The psychology behind it is the main reason that you have to click on what you have been baited, and it uses many techniques to do this.

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Ratched Reaction | Therapist Reacts

*Ratched spoilers ahead*

You would think that a fantasised visualisation of an obsolete insane asylum is something a counsellor would shy away from. 

As a mental health professional, it is my job to offer the truth about what mental illness is like and how we can manage it. That means looking at what we do, why we do it, and how we can grow from those actions – essentially looking to a more positive future. But the past can be just as useful to you if you use it in the right way.

I, just like most Netflix subscribers the past few months, had gotten hooked on Ratched.

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