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Control Your Emotions

In this blog, I want to share five steps to help you understand and take control of your emotions.

Step 1. Understand the motive of your emotions.

If you have always been told that you need to get rid of those pesky feelings such as anger, sadness and frustration; in order to control them know that the reason you feel that way is simply to help you be happier.

Step 2. Stop running from the more difficult emotions and instead, listen to their message.

Learn how to listen to the message so that you know what is making you feel them, and then use the message to change.

Step 3. Start taking action.

The reason why you can’t control your emotions is from allowing them to keep coming up and not taking action.

Once you understand the message your emotions are trying to send you, you can start planning and actioning what you are going to do to relieve the stress and anxiety.

The example I like to use is ‘chocolate cake’.

When you see the cake you feel happy and eat a slice or two.

However, after your third slice, you start to feel anxious because you are worried that you will be ill from eating too much cake and so stop.

It’s the same cake, but two very different emotional responses that work together to manage your overall health and happiness.

Step 4. Grow your emotional language.

You know what it feels like to be happy so sit with that anxious emotion and feel comfortable doing so.

If you acknowledge that your feelings are trying to help, you can know what they are and what they are trying to solve.

Step 5. Keep going. 

Keep on listening to your emotions and using them all. If you find one more difficult than another, think about why that is? Is the message hard to listen to?

Feelings both good and bad. They are trying to help you live a happier life.

So, rather than running from them, start listening so you can listen to the message and use them to empower you and take control of your life.

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