Netflix’s Death to 2021 | A Psychologist’s Perspective

It’s all well and good simply writing a review of a Netflix show. But what I found far more interesting were the reviews of Death to 2021!

When trying to gain an understanding of what society is going through at the moment, what better place to find it than the reviews of a show that takes you through every gritty and bleak detail of the past year?

Death to 2021 clearly had the same intentions as Death to 2020. It aims to hold a mirror up to not just current affairs, but also opposing opinions and splits within political and societal groups.

What was the consensus on Death to 2021?

When we saw 2021 blooming, we could ironically laugh at the mess we had experienced. We could look back on what had happened and see the ridiculousness and almost outlandishness of it all.

The caricatures that a lot of the cast play in this mockumentary can be closely compared to a lot of people we know of. When we come to the end of a year, it almost feels like regeneration or the renaissance of our lives. It’s the end of an era and we’re happy to laugh it off and put the past year behind us – we made it!

Unfortunately, what 2021 had ended bringing was more drama, more social clashes, and further setbacks.

With all that hope for 2021 dashed, Death to 2021 simply made us feel exasperated by it all.

What we used to be able to mock, is now just frustrating. A lot of the reviews highlight this such as:

nothing insightful or original to say


“I pay a subscription for entertainment, not politics.”

What is important to remember is that as a new year comes, you can only expect change if you take action.

The world can be frustrating and exasperating, but you can create your own path with the tools you’ve been handed.

It has been an enlightening couple of years, so with your new year’s resolutions, remember to aim your frustration on things that you can take control of!

Happy New Year!

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