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Depp vs Heard | Understanding Domestic violence

The Trial. What does Depp vs Heard mean for domestic violence?

Firstly it isn’t my place to say who did what and who is in the wrong. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have gone through a long batter which I believe is still far from over. What I want to join in on is the conversation surrounding domestic violence.

What I do see, however, is the spotlight shone on a situation that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Both victims and abusers in relationships have a deep, long-term struggle that requires a commitment to reworking.

Did we really learn anything about the struggle of domestic abuse?

Yes and No. Domestic abuse has such a huge impact on anyone’s life. It has severe implications on how one acts, thinks, and lives in the world. Any form of trauma creates a shift in what you perceive to be a danger and creates many long-term implications including Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and many more.

What this trial has done is put them under the microscope to see any trace of trauma in either of them.

Now we got to see so much of before, during, and after their relationship. We heard witnesses, testimonies, and expert analysis. We even had to hear one of Johnny Depp’s therapists read his notes from their sessions (which was particularly hard for me to see).

Even after all this, we are still looking for an expression, a twitch or any tell to giveaway how much we can trust them.

So even with everything presented to the jury, and to us, you still cannot help but look for that red flag or signs of victimisation. And everyone was still looking for these tells because we are desperate to find one, but this isn’t the case. All victims and all abusers have their own journey and cannot be pinpointed or labelled.

What can we take from such a high-profile case?

That only they both know what is truly going on in their heads and how they recount their relationship. When it comes to any other unfortunate instances of domestic abuse, recovery is paramount in taking back control of your life.

Domestic abuse victims have the right to fight for their truth, and offenders must accept that they have something they must rework and change in themselves.

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