Did you know that making mistakes is a good thing?

Previously I have discussed that when you make mistakes you can learn from them. This is something that many do find difficult to overcome, however.

It can be a scary thing accepting that you will make a mistake if you try something new, daring or even something you’re scared of. But take a look at my previous post to find out how you can overcome that fear.

In the meantime, I want to share my 5 reasons why you might not want to do something from fear of making a mistake.

Fear of criticism

You may care too much about what others think of you. This isn’t so much a bad thing, as this is your considerate side coming out and not wanting to hurt or alarm others. There must be a line, however, that you should cross.

Caring too much about what others will think is you being rooted in what other people think and your thoughts of being ‘loved’.

This then leads you to not wanting to try something different as it might trigger any kind of negative comment from others and tarnish others? opinions of you.

Self criticism

The feeling you get of wanting to criticise what you’re doing is actually a feeling that is trying to protect you, and as such it is a good thing.

This way of thinking, however, can become pretty overwhelming so it is important to keep it in check, otherwise, you will never want to try anything new!

Low self-esteem

Along with being fearful of criticism, you’re probably criticising yourself heavily and don’t have much faith in your abilities.

This low self-esteem can be quite difficult to overcome and therefore you might think that if you stay in your comfort zone then you are safe from making mistakes, as trying anything new will guarantee failure (which isn’t the case!)

Lack of forward-thinking

When you have a fear of failure, you tend to not see very far into the future. That is because you are focusing on the potential failure and not what comes after that. And what does come after that is learning, trying again and continuing on the path to success.

Unrealistic expectations

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the thought that everything is easy and you will succeed. This can make failing or making a simple mistake quite hard to take and therefore even more difficult to learn from it.

It’s important to understand that mistakes do happen, whether you are sure you won’t make them or not.

Making mistakes is an important part of life, so when you find the reason why you avoid them, you can create the mental space to take everything on the chin and ask yourself ‘what did I learn from this experience?’

An example of this is my first YouTube videos. They weren’t great but I continued to persevere until I learnt from everything I had done wrong the previous week.?

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