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Trick Or Treat Or Both? Do you like being scared?

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of horror films. But what I know for sure is that a lot of people do. A lot of people like the experience of being scared out of their skin.

There are a few key reasons why people enjoy horror or even doing a halloween immersion experience.

I’ve refined it down to 3 phycological reasons why you like to be spooked. Aside from the pure enjoyment and feeling bonded by others who enjoy it too:


Feeling tense, scared, or fearful are usually associated with negative experiences. When you take away any real danger, you can experience that tension in a controlled environment. You’re then gaining a natural high from the thrill, or the jump scares.


We all need an escape which either takes us away for a moment to recoup or offers a grounding. This allows you to take yourself away from your issues and almost see them from a fresh perspective. Something fully immersive like a horror film gives you a complete escape from what may be bothering you.


Escape leads nicely into feeling safe. Even when having that jump-scare, you’re still assured in your own mindset that you are safe. For many who enjoy horror, you are able to experience fear but with the knowledge that you are going back to your status quo. 

Even though a jumpscare isn’t my cup of tea, I can always appreciate how anyone is able to find enjoyment or a brief escape in their lives.

By finding enjoyment, pleasure, and thrills in your life you can continue to grow and motivate yourself in anything you do. These things break apart the mundane and somewhat enjoyable things in life that we all have to go through. 

So, what is your escape?

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