Do you trust yourself? You should and here’s how

Trust is a key part of not only having confidence but also general success and being happy. If you don’t trust yourself and others, it can be pretty difficult to find success.

If you want to start gaining more trust, then I would like to offer my three steps to doing so.

As part of my series on confidence, the last part of this is learning how to trust yourself.

Trust yourself

Firstly trust that what you are doing is worthwhile. It can be easy to convince yourself that anything you need or want to do is a pointless task and so you won’t even bother.

Along with this, just have faith in yourself that you have what it takes to do it and do it well. If you don’t, you’ll end up dwelling on if it is the right thing to do rather than actually doing it. And you won’t know what is the right or wrong way until you actually try – so don’t try to predict the future.

Reform your image

You’re not alone in having based your identity on what others expect of you and what others have told you about yourself.

With these expectations from other people, your image doesn’t end up being a true representation of who you are, what you can do and what you can achieve.

So, shake off this perspective to look past them and inside yourself instead. In a lot of instances, you have likely told yourself you can’t – even when you can – because that’s what you have been told.

Have faith in what you’re doing

Having faith in yourself isn’t just about being successful at everything, but about your own opinions and how you see the world in general. This makes up a huge part of who you are which you probably haven’t thought about in a very long time!

Once you know what you want to set out to do and what you believe in, then you can have faith in your judgement, and therefore give it the full time and energy that it deserves.

Remember, something that is important to you might not be important to others. And that’s OK. Simply know that what you are doing is right for you.

Dedicate more time to YOU!

My final point goes back to how you see yourself and your felt sense of deservedness.

Trust is strongly linked to self-worth, so if you don’t feel like you deserve to give yourself the time and space to work on something, you will also find it difficult to trust your instincts and the decisions you make.

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