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Do you want to keep toxic people out of your life?

I have spoken in the past about the problem of having toxic people in your life. This week I want to talk about and help you remove those people out of your life, and keep them out for good.

There are some steps that you can take to move forward with no one but positive and influential people.

Know yourself

This is the first step because before you begin to question the influence people have around you, you need to know who you are and what you want first.

This is because once you know who you are, you can then be more aware of what others expect of you and if that matches with who you want to be.


This is a question that you need to ask yourself. Where do you get your validation from?

Consider how you feel when someone compliments your shoes, you feel great. But, if you start basing your outfit every day around wearing those shoes simply to get a compliment, then this can create an imbalance. You begin to base what you think, do and say around others’ expectations.

A normal percent for wanting others’ validation should be 30% – the rest should be from your own actions and the decisions you make independently from another person’s input.


With this newfound validation that you will create for yourself, you need to build strong foundations.

This means being strong and set in the decisions you make, otherwise, you can fall back to the previous two steps pretty swiftly. When this happens you will, again, find yourself with the same people or even finding new toxic people.

Be kind

Being kind applies to everything and everyone, but specifically, I meanbe kind to yourself.

Creating this new lifestyle and new foundations can be tough. So be forgiving to yourself and remember that many people will probably tell you that you are wrong and question your choices. If you know that it feels right for you, however, then move forward with the confidence to ignore the negativity.


This is a simple suggestion, but something that you will probably forget about. Take your time and remember that chance such as this can take a while, especially if toxic people have been such a strong part of your life for many years.?

We naturally drift apart from people we meet when it is beneficial for both sides, but it is easy to stick to a relationship when it is familiar, but yet also putting a negative spin on your lifestyle.

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