Don’t hack happiness : How to deal with stress

There are hacks for everything these days – all you have to do is Google ‘How to hack happiness’ and your screen is full of advice and quick fire tips.

Let’s talk about stress for a minute. We all get it, it’s not fun, and we never want it. I was reading 10 tips to help you cope with stress and anxiety. I found that I agreed that many of us are dealing with stress, but finding corners to cut in order to quell stress can sometimes be damaging to our true, long-term happiness.

With so many unanswered questions in the air, how are we to know what is the right or wrong decision to make, and at what pace do we deal with it all?

That’s all familiar territory, but what if you were to rethink what stress actually is and understand it enough to use it to your advantage?

Using short-terms tips like that above can be very useful. However, when you take on hacks to quell your stress, it can commonly lead to procrastination and even evolve from stress to anxiety.  By trying to kill that feeling rather than deal with the problem(s) that it is flagging, you are simply burying what needs to be addressed.

What I want you to focus on (especially in these uncertain times) is dealing with stress in the long-term.

It comes down to some simple questions that you can ask yourself: 

When did the stress start? 

This will help find what caused it.

Why is stress the primary emotion?

What is stressful about that task or thought?

How can you take back control?

So, rather than avoiding the feeling altogether, how can you change and adapt things around you to suit what you want and need?

Really digging through such a tough emotion can be difficult, but you are better than an overwhelming feeling stopping you from living your happiest life.

Thinking of trying a happiness hack?

Think again.Stress is there to be understood, and why should we ignore it? So, rather than finding a quick happiness hack, hack into what you really want.

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