How to connect your emotions to your thoughts

Hello and welcome back to the Therapy in London Blog. Today I’ll be helping you connect your emotions to your thoughts.

Last week I introduced the notion of there being a difference between being a thinker or a feeler.

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This week I want to show the thinkers, that is the people who first connect to their thoughts and think through the emotions and never feel anything at all.

This will allow you to marry up your thoughts and feelings so that you can be truly happy with the choices you make and the results of your hard work.

What do you think about feeling?

Now you might think well I don’t feel anything, I just think that something is wrong and act on that thought. The emotions are there but I tend to just think my way out of the feeling.

To live with the emotion seems scary.

You have more perceived control over the thought rather than an emotion that seems uncontrollable, how do you stop feeling something, how do you control an emotion.

So instead you try and think your way out of them.

Thinking instead that you should buck your ideas up and stop feeling that way. Thinking that others are worse than yourself and you should feel guilty for feeling that way.

So stop and carry on with what you are doing. Feel happy nd stop feeling sorry for yourself

However, how would it be to not run from that emotion and to live with scary right? But by feeling that emotion you can work out what it is trying to tell you and use it to aid your life. Helping you to overcome obstacles.

So how do we start to connect to your emotions?

You have to learn to see the emotion

I tell my clients to get a pen and paper and write or draw out that emotion. Use colour, texture. Anything that you see that can help you to see and understand how you relate and connect to that emotion. This allows you to create emotional space and to Transitioning it from the emotional stage to a cognitive one.

By doing this you can start to listen to and act on the emotions to what the emotions are trying to tell you.


This can start to help you in not only this emotional state but in others in your life. In your day to day life if something happens, rather than try and run from that emotion. you can create the emotional space and see the emotions message. How is it trying to help you in your life?

With that skills and knowledge, you can get both your thoughts and feeling on the same page so that both sides are on the same page, leading you to make choices that help you satisfy both your mind and your heart.

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