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Exposing Clickbait: Why Does it Work?

Clickbait is hard to ignore and is used globally. It’s ingenious as you don’t even know you are looking at it until you are already sucked in and gawping at what a celebrity supposedly did or what the new superfood is.

What is fascinating about it is that they primarily use psychology to work. The psychology behind it is the main reason that you have to click on what you have been baited, and it uses many techniques to do this.

The first is the want of knowledge.

Everyone will go through life wanting to be better or know slightly more than another person. When you see an article or video that may tell you something that you can later share with others, that gives you the power of having more knowledge than someone else.

It’s been addressed on this blog many times but this all comes down to that spike of serotonin that every single one of us craves. You will crave it in many different ways, but you will seek it in some way or another.

Another reason is wanting to feel good about yourself.

Whether you are male, female, or non-binary, you want to feel good about yourself – and the easiest way to do that is by adapting your appearance. When you see 10 Hairstyles to Make You Look 10 Years Younger, you want to see this quick, magical hack that will supposedly fix every self-deprecating aspect of yourself.

In some ways, clickbait works and you do feel better about yourself.

But, it’s only for that little moment where you read the article and think ‘Once I read this then I will feel so much better’. Unfortunately, the serotonin doesn’t last much further than that short moment.

So, when you find yourself down the rabbit hole of Worst Dressed Celebs, How to Become a Millionaire, or You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next – consider why you are so interested in this and what do you want to gain from it.

If it is just some light relief from a difficult day, then that is fine, but if it is starting to interfere with your normal activity, try to learn from it what you want to achieve from yourself that you think clickbait is giving you.

Everyone needs some relief and to be entertained when content is being used to pull your strings however, why not gain an understanding of why they have captured your attention.

I react to some real clickbait titles, so take a look at let me know what are some of your favourite clickbait techniques.

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