Why do I feel down?

 Feeling down and depression are definitely the most topic I am asked about.

There are some parts of your life that you might feel are easy, and in those situations, you feel empowered, motivated and happy.

Yet there are some aspects of your life where you don’t know what to do or how to gain mastery all control over; The coursework or work assignment you don’t know how to do or looking at your bank balance and noticing again you have spent too much money.

These are the parts of life that make you feel down as we feel that you have no way of controlling or feeling empowered.

Add to that the anxiety tension or stress that comes up even when thinking about it and it doesn’t surprise me that feeling down makes you tired as going to sleep it’s the only way to escape those emotions.


Depression makes you feel like all hope is gone and there is nothing you can do to change your circumstances and this point of view is exactly what depression is keeping you locked in those emotions. Let me ask you though, is that actually the case?

The only way out of feeling down or depressed is to realise that you might feel bad now but it is not forever.

You might not be able to change your life right now so instead start focusing on the future

You have the power

For example, you may need to start budgeting so that you can start saving for the future. Alternatively, start exercising and eating clean can give you more energy. 

Know that you do have the power to change your circumstances and gain mastery over your life. It just means instead of focusing on how bad things are now. Focus instead on how you can build the life of your dreams in the future which will help you to create your dream life.

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