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Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Do you ever feel sorry for yourself? You feel nothing is going your way, it always happens to you, you are the unluckiest person in the world.

So let’s get down to it why it is that you feel sorry for yourself.

The Reasons Why

There are many reasons why, but here are the 3 that are going to help you change:

  1. You have unrealistic expectations of yourself and the world. That only bad stuff happens to you and it’s easy for everyone else.
  2. You find it easier to focus on the negative things that happen to you rather than a mix of both the good and the bad.
  3. You bottle up your emotions when things don’t go your way so instead of using the frustration, the anger, the sadness to help you; They stop you from trying anything new.

If these ways of life are left unchecked, you will always look for the bad and never the good.

Ask yourself, is this the way that successful and happy people act? Always feeling sorry for themselves?

You know the answer is no and you know that you want to change otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

This way of life has been established from your past and you are in a perpetual loop of feeling sorry for yourself, sad, depressed, upset, and that nothing will ever go right. So it is not your fault. This, in turn, is stopping you from trying anything new and from being the attractive, confident, person you want to be.

Let’s break that Cycle.

  1. Focus on the effort rather than the achievement. Things aren’t always going to go your way but if you focus on the work you put in rather than the end result, good or bad, you will enjoy trying, even if you fail or they don’t go your way.
  1. Enjoy learning from your mistakes. Enjoy the learning process and you will eventually find what works. Focus on enjoying the task, not just the end result.
  1. Use the disappointment to push forward. Feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t change anything, it keeps you locked into feeling like a victim Rather than carrying that emotion, use it to motivate you to try again.
  1. Tell others how you feel. Telling others how you feel means that not only will others know that you feel let down, but it will also allow you to recognise what you are feeling so that you don’t bottle everything up; giving you space to understand what’s going on for you.
  1. Know what you want and make a plan to help you get there. If you are working towards something you won’t have time to feel sorry for yourself as you will be excited to reach your next goal.

Feeling sorry for yourself keeps you in a state of powerlessness. Break the cycle so that you can look forward to life rather than letting your emotions hold you back.

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