Good First Impression

You have 10 seconds to make a first impression on someone which you cannot go back on.

We are genetically programmed to make a first impression which either does or doesn’t instill trust in you.

A lot of pressure right?

No wonder you hate going out and meeting new people. You are always thinking about what to say and how to say it.

First Impression

If you can get this right, however, it means that wherever you go, whatever you do you will always be confident when meeting new people.

If you can master how to make a good first impression then it’s going to take a huge weight off your shoulders. And how do you do this? Well, you need to be prepared.

If you can prepare yourself; meaning looking a certain way and knowing what to say, you can walk into any new meeting situation with confidence.

So let’s start to look at the ways you can prepare yourself:

  1. Look Great

The first step is to feel confident in the way you look. Work out what is stopping you from feeling confident when making a first impression and change it.

If that means learning to stand up a bit straighter, getting some new clothes, or losing weight, go and do it.

Remember this isn’t just when you are going somewhere special this is every day, this is who you are. Just by standing up straighter and dressing smarter, it’s going to make you unconsciously feel more confident and believe in yourself.

  1. Look after others

The next step is to allow others to start feeling comfortable with you, the way you do that is to master asking questions.

Something I have already discussed is that many don’t know what to say or how to say it. If you feel scared to say something or don’t say anything at all, this can give a bad first impression.

It might not be right and it’s definitely not fair but that’s life.

The way you get past this is to have a couple of questions ready which you can ask everyone. If you know what you are going to ask this automatically takes some of the pressure off. And if you want to throw in a cheeky compliment, that will also help to break the ice. As an example, ‘I like your shoes where did you get them from?’

  1. Be Interested in Others

The reason why asking questions is so important is because people love talking about themselves. It means that people will more likely enjoy spending time with you. You are giving them the space to relax and be themselves.

And remember if you feel stuck you can always ask the exact same question straight back to them.

What Not To Do!

Let’s touch on the way you think you should act but definitely shouldn’t!

  • Don’t show off
  • Don’t take over the conversation
  • Don’t make fun of people
  • Do not look at your phone!
  • Most importantly, don’t lie!

It’s important that you feel comfortable, but doing any of the above can ruin your first impression from the offset.

The key to making a good first impression is offering people the chance to be themselves.

You can only start to do this if you feel relaxed and confident in yourself.

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