Free Britney | What does this mean for Britney Spears’ Mental Health?

Britney Spears has been making waves in the news this past year. She has been known for decades as a nineties popstar and with a reputation for being somewhat unpredictable. Yet many fans have worried about her mental health for years.

Recently, however, Britney has come forward to speak about the conservatorship she has been under since 2008. It’s been run through a trust by her father after her very public mental decline.

Britney has made court appearances in an attempt to gain back control of her life. This includes her finances, personal, professional decisions, and have full power taken away from her father.

You can find more details on her statements and the accusations against the conservatorship and her father.

She has mentioned that since 2008, her father has made her work seven consecutive days a week. He has also controlled her contraceptive choices and put her on strong mood stabilisers such as lithium.

What this has meant for the popstar is that most of her life has been dictated by others.

By taking freedom away from someone in need of guidance, you are simply putting a plaster on an open wound. Many may think that reckless behaviour deserves to be bound, but that can just exacerbate the issue. And cause further mental and physical instability.

I wanted to write about this because I have been considering how she has been treated up to this point.

How will gaining control over her life affect the way Britney makes decisions and moves forward in her life.

What I see when I read Britney Spears’ statements is the telltale signs of abuse and ongoing trauma.

When you remove yourself from the source of this trauma, consider life after. How are you going to reintegrate yourself into the world again and reevaluate your relation to the way you will live your life from here on out.

By making this step to gaining more independence for herself, she is making a huge, very brave first step. When dealing with an abusive past, you are placed in a bubble and can get to a point where you believe that you deserve to be in there. This is when abusive relationships last longer than you would think and why partners return to abusive environments.

So, after 13 years, Britney is finally shining a light on her harmful past and I believe this is a brave first step, not only for her but also hugely beneficial for anyone watching believe that they can’t leave an abusive environment.

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