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How To Plan For Your Future

My last few blog posts have aimed to help encourage change and the way you relate to issues in your life.

Now, you should know what your issues are, understand their origins and assess their validity, changing the way you see them and their impact on you.

So what’s next?

Following these steps should mean you have now relinquished some of the emotional pressure whilst planning for your future

The next step is to make a plan of how you are going to achieve whatever you have felt unable or too scared to try before.

The best way to do this is to make a list of the steps for where you need to get to. Write at the top of a piece of paper what you want.

Then go to the bottom of that page and write the first step to set you on the path to reaching that goal.

An example of an end goal would be getting your dream job.

  1. Which Job?

Know the job title and gain knowledge of what the job entails. Find companies with a vacancy within this role and read the job spec, find parts of the role you will enjoy as well as parts of the job you want.

  1. Qualifications

What qualifications do you need?

Maybe you need to get some GCSEs, go to university or just do a course

  1. Experience

What experience do the recruiters want from you in order to be seriously considered for the role? And what experience do you have that matches? Would you need to gain work experience? Draw up a list of companies that you could approach for this.

Gaining this experience is the ideal way to get a feel for the role to find out if you truly want to do it.

That’s great as it means that you don?t need to waste time thinking about doing something that would not bring you happiness in the long term.

If this is the case by this point, crumple that piece of paper up and start again with a different achievement.

Make A Treasure Map

These are small steps to get you along the way of getting that dream job, but you can use this method to achieve anything.

The process of working out which steps you need to get to that end goal are the same.

Having these steps or a map makes it easier to achieve your goals as they give you a clear route and checklist so you know what you need to do to get to a happier, more fulfilled state

Like a Treasure hunt, people know what the treasure is but they need a map in order to get to the treasure. How are you ever going to get to your treasure if you haven’t got a map or a plan to get there?

This is just the start of your journey and if you follow these steps things will start to change in your life.

It’s going to take a bit of time but at least you are making steps towards a happier, more fulfilled and more self-assured you.

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