Why you find it hard to change

In this week’s blog, I want to share with you five top reasons why you find it so difficult to change.

And once you know, you can understand what’s holding you back from being the happiest possible version of yourself.


The first reason why you could find it hard to change is that you are too used to the same routine.

It feels safe, easy, you know what will happen and you know what to expect from your actions.

Yet, this routine is keeping you locked in the same patterns of behaviour. In one respect this is safe for you, but on the other hand, you’re not led anywhere new.

A beginner

And that leads us on to reason number two, which is that this routine becomes boring. If you have done the same thing for months, or even years, you become an expert at it.

So when you try and change you have to start all over again and become a beginner again.

This can feel frustrating; making you angry and bored because you just want to be good and better at it right now.

Scared to Fail

Reason three is that it is scary to fail.

If you start something new you are going to fail a couple of times. This is a necessary step in getting good at anything, but if you haven’t done anything new in a long time it’s a very scary prospect.

Too busy

Reason four is that life gets in the way.

You are just too busy to make the changes – you have work, family and friends to deal with; it’s too time-consuming.

This is something that I hear time and time again but what I find is that you can feel like everything has to change right now.

Rather than changing everything at once and being overwhelmed, make one small change a day and in as little as a week your life would be on a different path.

An end goal

The final reason is that you don’t know what you really want.

You know you are not happy but don’t know what you want, so you don’t know what changes to make.

It’s just like having a treasure map with no X marks the spot. You want the treasure but don’t know where it is.

By understanding why you find it hard to change you can be more confident to address what is holding you back and start along the journey to the best and happiest you possible.

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