Has Summer really changed anything?

“Put Me in Summer and I’ll be a happy snowman”

It feels as if the weather is another character in this crazy, emotional and unexpected novel that we’ve all been living.

As we start to feel a glimmer of hope in things getting back to ‘normal’, mother nature seems to be feeling the same way.

Summer has a huge impact on everyone’s mental health.

I always see an influx in counselling enquiries during a change in seasons and the weather. This is because the weather does have an effect on us, emotionally and cognitively. I’ve even heard that in media and literature when the weather reflects how the characters are feeling, it is called Pathetic Fallacy.

I won’t want it to come across as if I have to always be the bearer of bad news – and that’s not what this is. Unfortunately, I have to be the one to shine the crystal ball and tell you that things won’t stay sunny forever.

That’s to say, they won’t so long as you aren’t using the weather to be main focus of your positive outlook.

It’s so easy to feel uplifted and carefree when the sun is out. Vitamin D is pivotal in not only our physical health but also our mental health too. It helps us to release serotonin, which is that happy chemical making you feel so jolly and positive.

Consider this for a second; that the sun has helped your brain to release that happy chemical. The sun has made you happy – but what about the things that were making you sad before summer?

It’s easy now, to want to basque in that happiness you’re feeling.

But the more elevated you feel, the further you are distancing yourself from those issues and the further you can fall.

Let’s all enjoy the warm weather, but use this positive outlook to address your issues with a more goal-orientated focus, rather than using this feeling to hide from what you are dealing with.

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