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Here’s Why You Should Stop Daydreaming

Do you ever question why you daydream so much? 

It’s something that can happen without you realising; where your mind wanders off to something as small as what you’re going to eat next, or to larger things like what it would be like to own that hotel on the coast of Jamaica.

Is it good for you?

Your mind wandering off like this can be completely harmless, but when it does start to intervene in your day to day life; by being the cause of you not listening during a conversation, or hindering your chances to progress in life, then this is the time to stop and make it less of a recurrence.

Here’s why you should stop daydreaming so much and my tips on how to stop.

There are pros and cons to daydreaming as I have explained previously.

The ability to visualise the near or distant future is a very positive skill to have, as this can be used as the initial building block to planning your future.

However, if you are not acting on these thoughts then you are essentially giving yourself the emotional payoff of wanting to do something but not actually doing it. You are just using your daydreams as an escape from real life.

How to stop

Daydreaming is a common and important part of life, but it is just as important to remember to live in the real world too.

So, figure out what triggers your daydreaming. By doing this you can realise what particular feeling or experience you are trying to escape from.

For example, if you tend to daydream whenever you are about to make a phone call, what is it about making a phone call that you are trying to get away from? Do you feel anxiety about speaking on the phone? And if so, what do you think will happen that is making you anxious?

Moving forward

When you can associate the action of daydreaming with something in your real life, you can work on what you are trying to escape from. Once you overcome this, you won’t have the need to daydream anymore.

Overcoming your anxieties will then mean that rather than dreaming of what could be, you can have a great time actually doing it.

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