Know your worth:How much do you value yourself?

In the past few weeks, I have been covering confidence. Last time I discussed building self-esteem and how it is the foundation for building up your overall confidence.Next, I’m talking about how to value yourself. 

Value yourself

This week, I want to cover your self-worth. This is because you must believe that you as an individual can do anything if you put your mind to it and even if you find that you can’t, you have the ability to learn.

So, self-worth is a feeling that you have the right to prioritise for yourself. Know your worth, what you need and what you want.

Be selfish!

This is an interesting thought to ponder, that if you don’t feel important enough, how are you ever going to feel confident in your ability to learn from your mistakes? And if you can’t do this then you can have real trouble working up the confidence to try anything new.?

Overall, self-worth means being a bit more selfish! And not in terms of putting yourself before others in a negative way, but being selfish with your time and accepting what you want for yourself.

Ask yourself why you are not prioritising your needs?

What have you been told in the past? As this can take a huge toll on how you value your own self-worth.

Another reason can be your thoughts on how others will see you? It’s common to have a fear of others? judgements.

And finally, do you have a fear of failure? You can devalue yourself based on your low expectations for your success.

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