How suppression limits you

Have you ever thought about suppression? Do you ever get thoughts or emotions springing up out of nowhere? Feelings of injustice, anger, fear for no apparent reason?

Well, these thoughts are trying to tell you something. They were established a long time ago where something made you feel a certain way but you weren’t allowed to express your true feelings. Those same feelings are being evoked when unrelated circumstances arise.

They tell you that there is something in your life that needs changing, and you need to sort it out. This is the reason that the smallest things can evoke such a huge surge of emotion.

Society is told time and time again to ‘calm down’, to run from anger and frustration, to stifle it and suppress it until it goes away. This may help in the short-term but this suppression causes more frustration and then intensifies; waiting for another unjust situation to arise in order to offload the original anger and frustration, which again gets stifled and this becomes a continuous cycle.

Can you see the excess pressure that suppression adds to your life? Try and picture all of the anxiety and sadness you are carrying around with you. It affects who you are, how you act and taints every experience you may have, good or bad.

Remember this is all in our unconscious, you are not actively suppressing the emotion, it is just a learnt behaviour, a behaviour which has helped to keep you safe in one respect, but on the other, has limited your possibilities and enjoyment of life.

What’s stopping you?

You know you should address these feelings, yet many are scared to, why is that? What do you think you would uncover about yourself?

By understanding these emotions you can start to learn who you really are, why you feel the way you do, how to change things in your life that is causing you emotional pain, and get a better understanding of what will make you happy.

You don’t need to carry them any longer. Learn to embrace them, understand them and use them to change in order to live a happier life.

What are your forgotten thoughts and feelings trying to tell you?

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