I was a gamer and it helped me

As a former gamer, I know too well that video games can have some kind of implication in your real life. This can either be in a good, or bad way, and I want to go through how and when you should start to consider changing your gaming habits.

Bad reputation

Video games can have a reputation for being a waste of time and addictive. but is that really the case?  

If you take a look at each circumstance that you as a gamer find yourself in, playing these games can help with problem-solving skills and even make you feel pretty empowered.

Life as a gamer

I used to spend a lot of my time in the arcades perfecting my gaming skills, and it was a large part of my life – so much I so I still can’t part with my retro consoles.

As I can relate to this popular hobby, I want to be able to help others in the gaming community understand the detriment of playing games and also how it can actually help you in your life.

So it doesn’t have to just hinder you, it can be used to good, too.

The gaming series

I want to really dig deep on this topic so this will be one of a few parts in a series where I will take you through the ups, downs, squares, and circles of gaming and applying it to your real life.

My intention here isn’t to make a stern decision that gaming is either good or bad. I want to help maximise your potential in the real world so that you don’t become stuck with a habit that is taking up your time and space; mentally and physically.

As with any habit or time-consuming hobby, I want to show you that you can pivot on it and use that energy in a more productive and rewarding way.

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