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Why do I feel Irritated?

The reason you feel irritated is that something or someone has done something to upset you. They would have made you angry or feel powerless to do anything about it.

So, you get irritated, have a rant and then try to forget about that feeling.

If it is not dealt with at all, it will continue to pop up in other areas of your life.

It can get so bad that you can feel irritated with every little thing. You will eventually mean that you can find it difficult to trust others at all.

In reality, you can use irritation to help you to live a calm happier life.


Step one, is to know that it is OK to feel irritated.

Just like some of your negative emotions such as sadness and anger, you have been taught to ignore and distance yourself from feelings around irritation.

Irritation is just trying to send you a message, however. It is showing you that there is something wrong and something needs to change

Listen to its message

Step 2, is to sit back and listen to the message of the irritation.

The reason why your behaviour can be judged and looked down on, is because your irritation is so overwhelming that you can find yourself getting moody, miserable, or shouting and screaming to try and alleviate your irritation.

Act on the message

Step 3, is to act on the message of irritation in a calm and controlled way.

Rather than acting in a way that leads to you being judged, make sure that you say what you need to say without the tinge of irritation devaluing your message.

Use your irritation to create a message, count to five to get rid of that tight feeling, and then act.

Say what you need to say or change your life to get rid of your irritation.

Feeling irritated is a normal part of life which, if not acted on, will come up again and again.

Use your feelings to better your life rather than ignoring your feelings and being bogged down by them throughout your life.

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